The Made in Group, is excited to update members and the wider community about our new podcast ‘Our Finest Hour’.

Each episode features a different personality, sharing their wisdom, lessons learned in business and life. What sets this podcast apart is that it features three guests once a month with a small audience and a master chef who breaks up the filming with the ‘finest lunch’.

During the podcasts we have covered everything from family business challenges, to behind the scenes look at the impact of Covid and growth aspirations in the manufacturing community.

Finest Hour Season 1


Poppy Durnall's Finest Hour

?️ Get ready for a high-energy episode of "Our Finest Hour" podcast! Join us as we chat with Made in the Midlands member, Poppy Durnall, who transitioned from law to building a profitable powder coating company. ? Poppy's diverse skills extend to human resource management, driving progress within her co-owned investments. She's a strategic leader, passionate about achieving growth through logical reasoning and implementation. ?✨ Don't miss this inspiring conversation where Poppy shares her journey and insights.
Fri, 12 May at 09:00am

Jon Stone's Finest Hour

?️ The latest episode of "Our Finest Hour" with Jon Stone is now live! Join Jon as he shares his remarkable 20+ year journey to becoming an MD and the invaluable lessons he learned along the way. With a passion for Rugby, Jon has seamlessly integrated the best attributes of sports and team ethos into his business, fostering a diverse workforce that thrives on collaboration and excellence. Tune in to this inspiring episode to gain insights from Jon's personal growth and his unique approach to merging sports and business. Available for streaming on all major podcast platforms. Happy listening! ??
Fri, 19 May at 09:00am

Len Palmer's Finest Hour

In this episode, we are joined by Len Palmer, Group Managing Director of Lander Tubular Products, a global manufacturing business. Len shares his inspiring story of how he progressed from working on the shop floor to becoming the Group MD of a successful global manufacturing company. Along the way, he talks about his experiences with imposter syndrome. Len also discusses the challenges he faced when he was thrown into a new role and had to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic at the same time. Despite the difficulties, Len was able to rise to the occasion and bring out the best in himself and his team.
Fri, 05 May at 09:00am

Dr Roy Taylor, Finest Hour

Get ready to meet the man behind the success of Malthouse Engineering! ? We're thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Roy Taylor, the MD who's been a part of the Malthouse family for over 30 years personally and recently helped celebrate Malthouse 75th anniversary. ? Roy has also been a driving force behind two trade associations, including Made in the Midlands. ? So grab a cuppa, sit back, and let's hear Roy's secrets to success. ? #MalthouseEngineering #MadeInTheMidlands #backingbritain #SuccessSecrets #ourfinesthour
Fri, 31 Mar at 09:00am

Samantha Nicholson's 'Finest Hour'

In this episode of 'Our Finest Hour', Made in the Midlands member Samantha Nicholson shares her inspiring journey of taking over her father's business, Quantamatic, and leading it to tremendous success. In just three years, Samantha increased the turnover of the group from 10 million to 17 million, demonstrating her remarkable leadership skills and business acumen. The podcast, which celebrates success in both business and life, serves as a testament to Samantha's resilience, determination, and hard work in achieving her goals.
Fri, 24 Mar at 09:00am

Phil Stanley's Finest Hour

Today's special guest is Phil Stanley, the Managing Director of TWP Manufacturing, an innovative business that's been providing high-quality presswork and injection moulding services for over 20 years. TWP caters to a wide range of industries and has diversified their business to include creating their own products, such as Paterson Photographic, Spyrabase, and Bullbarrow products, which they sell directly to consumers. Phil Stanley will also share TWP's product development process, their commitment to maintaining high-quality standards, and their passion for promoting British manufacturing.
Fri, 28 Apr at 09:00am

Adam Bradley's Finest Hour

On today's episode of the Finest Hour Podcast, we are thrilled to have Adam Bradley as our guest. Adam was appointed as a director of Corrosion Resistant Materials in 2020, contributing to the company's meteoric rise to a Queens Award winner with a turnover in excess of £5m. Throughout his career, Adam has shown an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for his work that is truly inspiring. Join us as we dive into his story and uncover the secrets to his success.
Fri, 17 Mar at 09:00am

Matt Adams Finest Hour

"Our Finest Hour" is a podcast that features interviews with individuals who have overcome significant challenges in their personal and professional lives. In this week's episode, Ilona Pitt interviews Matt Adams, operations director at BPL Engineering who shares his experience of working in a family business, managing a large-scale project during the pandemic, and fathering a new baby. Matt provides insights into the unique challenges and rewards of working in a family business, and how he balanced his personal and professional responsibilities during the pandemic. Listeners can expect to be inspired by Matt's resilience and determination to overcome obstacles while still achieving his goals.
Fri, 07 Apr at 09:00am

Kirsty Davies-Chinnock Finest Hour

"Our Finest Hour" is a podcast that features interviews with individuals who have achieved remarkable success in their personal and professional lives. In the latest episode, Ilona Pitt interviews Kirsty Davies-Chinnock, the founder of Professional Polishing, a leading female-led engineering business. Kirsty shares her journey of building her business and how her passion for the industry and growing her confidence were key to her success. With multiple awards to her name, Kirstie is recognised as one of the leading faces of female-led engineering businesses. This episode of "Our Finest Hour" is a must-listen for anyone looking to be inspired by the grit, determination, and passion of a successful entrepreneur.
Fri, 14 Apr at 09:00am

Charles Boneham Finest Hour

We are thrilled to share our latest episode of "Our Finest Hour" podcast, where we had the privilege of interviewing Charlie Boneham, the custodian of a 100-year-old family business, Boneham and Turner. Charlie comes from a long line of industrialists, and his passion for manufacturing has led him to run this prestigious business with the goal of adding his own stamp while ensuring the company continues to thrive for future generations. As founder members of Made in the Midlands, Boneham and Turner are deeply invested in the manufacturing industry and have a wealth of experience to share. In this episode, Charlie takes us on a journey through the history of his family business, the challenges they have faced, and the secrets to their longevity and success.
Fri, 21 Apr at 09:00am

Finest Hour Season 2


James Soden's Finest Hour

? This week's highlight: An exclusive interview with James Soden, Co-Owner of E3 Recruitment – a successful £10 million recruitment business in Yorkshire. ? James takes us through his journey from student to business owner, sharing his triumphs over adversity and debt, and how he turned his business into an 8-figure recruitment agency.
Fri, 25 Aug at 09:00am

Stephen Crow's Finest Hour

In this captivating podcast episode, join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Stephen Crow, a former engineer who played a pivotal role in catapulting a law firm's growth from 60 to an astonishing 300 staff. Discover the challenges, strategies, and transformative moments that led Stephen on this remarkable path, offering invaluable insights for anyone seeking to make a profound impact in their own career and industry. Tune in now for an unforgettable tale of success and perseverance.
Fri, 28 Jul at 09:00am

Iain Stansbie From Stauff UK

Join us for the latest 'Finest Hour' episode featuring Iain Stansbie, MarCom Business Development Director at Stauff. From a printer to leadership, Iain's journey is a testament to adaptability and leadership. Explore pivotal moments, team management, and staying ahead in marketing. Don't miss this inspiring story! #FinestHour #CareerJourney #LeadershipSuccess
Fri, 20 Oct at 09:00am

John Nollett's finest hour

Welcome to the latest episode of 'Our Finest Hour,' a series by Made in Group spotlighting tales of community success and inspiration. This week, we have the privilege of hosting John Nollett, MD of Pressmark. John's journey began with a Saturday job and a leap into engineering. His mantra 'no progress without change' reflects his ethos. Amid personal illness in 2005, his adept delegation and robust systems ensured his team's stellar performance. Tune in for his remarkable story!
Fri, 01 Dec at 09:00am

Gareth Jones Finest Hour

Join us for the latest episode of "The Finest Hour" with Gareth Jones, the Managing Director of In-Comm Training. In this captivating installment, Gareth sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of working within a family business. As a key figure in the manufacturing community, his passion is palpable as he shares the excitement of witnessing individuals progress through his academy, shaping the future of industries through dedicated training and relentless commitment. Prepare to be inspired by Gareth's remarkable journey and heartfelt dedication to fostering growth and success.
Fri, 14 Jul at 09:00am

Paul Stockhill: Agemaspark's Inspiring Legacy

Unveiling "Paul Stockhill's Finest Hour" – an inspiring episode where we uncover the extraordinary path of Agemaspark's mastermind, from apprentice to MD. Journey with us through Paul's remarkable story, learn from his career insights, and grasp his pivotal role in establishing an employee ownership trust for Agemaspark. Join the conversation to explore innovation, legacy, and the driving force behind precision engineering excellence. ?️?
Fri, 11 Aug at 09:00am

Mark Jones Finest Hour

Discover the latest episode of "The Finest Hour" featuring Mark Jones, the director of Hayley Group, as he unveils his remarkable journey. Starting as an office manager in a small business, Jones ascended to be a leading figure in a company boasting a meteoric rise to a £300 million turnover. His synergy with the MDs, akin to brothers, coupled with unwavering diligence, aligned him with the founder's vision, propelling his colossal success. Delve into Jones' narrative, including poignant lessons from a near-death experience, emphasising fate's role not only in business but in life itself. A captivating and inspirational tale, especially for those navigating dynamic business landscapes.
Fri, 24 Nov at 09:00am

Jennifer Hughes Finest Hour

In the latest episode of the 'Finest Hour' podcast, Jennifer Hughes, Director of Transicon, shares her inspiring journey from a legal career to embracing her passion for finance within a family business, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. This episode offers valuable insights into navigating career changes, adapting to unforeseen challenges, and redefining one's path. Don't miss out—subscribe now and share this enlightening episode with your network to inspire others on their own journeys of transformation.
Fri, 22 Sep at 09:00am

David Chappell's Finest Hour

David Chappell, Managing Director of Crompton Controls, shares his incredible story of resilience, leadership, and transformative success. From starting at the lowest rung to a remarkable comeback, his experience highlights the power of traditional values, innovation, and unwavering loyalty. Don't miss this episode's incredible insights and life lessons.
Fri, 03 Nov at 09:00am

Edward James Finest Hour

Citizen Machinery MD Edward James talks about long term planning, doing what scares you and seizing opportunities created by change.
Fri, 15 Sep at 09:00am

Trailblazing CEO Marie Cooper

?️ Join us on 'Our Finest Hour' podcast as we welcome Marie Cooper, CEO of CBE+. Recognised as a 'Manufacturing Hero' by Made In Group, Marie's leadership and CBE+'s contributions are truly inspiring. From manufacturing essential ventilator parts for the NHS during the crisis to supporting British industry growth, Marie's story is one of resilience and community. Tune in now for an empowering episode! ?
Fri, 07 Jul at 08:00am

Andy Dawson's Finest Hour

In this riveting episode of "Our Finest Hour" podcast, we sit down with Andy Dawson, the esteemed Managing Director of Siddall & Hilton. Join us as Andy, a true turnaround king, unveils his remarkable insights into conflict resolution and the invaluable leadership lessons he's gathered throughout his illustrious career. Get ready for an inspiring journey through the world of leadership and transformation.
Fri, 29 Sep at 09:00am

Karen Tinkler's Finest Hour

In our latest episode of "Our Finest Hour," we sit down with Karen Tinkler, Director of Partners PR, as she shares her remarkable journey completing a Management Buyout (MBO) and navigating the challenges when things don't go as expected. Karen's story is a testament to unwavering determination and a deep passion for her work. Tune in for an insightful and human account of resilience in the face of adversity. Enjoy this inspiring episode!
Fri, 27 Oct at 09:00am

Richard Oxley Finst Hour

Welcome to the latest episode of "Our Finest Hour"! In this inspiring interview, we sit down with Richard Oxley, Managing Director of Becker UK ( Tune in as Richard shares invaluable insights on stepping out of your comfort zone, his unique philosophy of investing in oneself, and the power of believing in your abilities. Get ready to be motivated and empowered to reach new heights in both your personal and professional life. Don't miss this enlightening conversation!
Fri, 21 Jul at 09:00am

Pryor Marking's MD, Simon Dunn, Shares Stability Secrets

In this episode of 'Our Finest Hour,' Simon Dunn, MD of Pryor Marking, unveils the company's robust inclusive ownership model that sustained stability through tough times. He reflects on employee support during downturns and reveals how the innovative use of Commodore 64's sparked one of Pryor Marking's breakthrough products. Simon's journey from operational director to MD highlights the essence of delegation in effective leadership, offering invaluable insights for aspiring leaders.
Fri, 17 Nov at 09:00am

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